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Boeung Kak, Cambodia. © Nicolas Axelrod 2008


Dam Racha Village in July 2012, water levels are back to normal. Looking out from the pagoda towards the construction site of the new temple. © Nicolas Axelrod 2012

After the floods, before the new rains

Villagers in Phnom Bat get ready to take the bus into Phnom Penh to cast their vote. © Nicolas Axelrod 2012

Bus to Vote


Handicap International & 11MSP

(Left) Demonstrator gather near the Council for the Development  of Cambodia (CDC) to march towards the National Assembly.
(Right) Demonstrators walk past the Royal Palace.

May Day

In a flooded area of the capital. Chbar Ampoul, Phnom Penh. Sept. 25 2011

Flooding, Cambodia

More than 400 people died in a stampede on a bridge leading out to Koh Pich island in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the last day of the Water Festival

National Mourning Day

Breaking the Silence: Addressing Acid Attacks in Cambodia

Fire at Boeung Kak Lake

Photos of the Year 2009


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